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From wowing judges on Britain’s Got Talent, to opening stadiums for Coldplay, Maddox Dixon now brings you a Digital Magic Experience like no other. 


Achieve the impossible together, as you read each other's minds, interact with hi-tech effects on your mobile phones and take part in a show where you get to decide the final outcome LIVE in real-time!


Maddox broadcasts from his professional recording studio, utilising 4 multi-camera angles, high quality audio and a slick & modern setup that is paired with a lightning fast connection for complete show reliability.


All shows include bespoke elements to make the content more meaningful to you, whether this is on screen branding or customised effects that reveal your name, brand or message. 

Innovate your virtual event by booking the Digital Magic Experience Today. 

Welcome to the Official site for Maddox Dixon, an Illusionist & Sleight of Hand Magician based in central London, UK.

MADDOX decided to become a full time magician when Chris Martin from Coldplay, invited him to open for them on their ‘Head Full of Dreams’ tour in the US. Since returning to the UK he has appeared on National Television this year with 3 live televised performances in front of 12 million people, and is now one of the most sought after Illusionists in both the private and corporate entertainment world. 

Whether he is booked for Close-Up Magic to mix & mingle, or asked to perform his Stage Act where audience members are able to do the impossible - MADDOX prides himself on creating amazing memories for individuals that get to see him perform live. 

His high level of sleight of hand, mentalism and stage presentations have made his skills a desirable attraction for live, celebrity, corporate and private events both in the UK and internationally across the world. 

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MADDOX has a truly unique & personable approach to performing which is sometimes best experienced one to one or in small groups directly in the hands and minds of your guests. 

This mix & mingle style of magic is where Maddox will move from group to group in an informal and relaxed way, surprising and connecting guests to one another through incredible sleight of hand magic, mentalism and small in the hands illusions.

This is perfect for entertaining 100 - 150 guests, in an intimate and direct way whilst creating an atmosphere of intrigue and amazement.

It is a mesmorising way to entertain your guests and have them share something completely impossible together. 


MADDOX’s stage show is a one of a kind experience using illusions which incredibly can be customized to each and every client he represents.

His show is a modern and immersive experience that focuses on getting members of the audience to seemingly achieve impossible feats with him live on stage.

This highly engaging and energetic performance is perfect for large corporate or private engagements, and can entertain 50 - 5000 guests with the use of live camera and projection screens in the venue.

MADDOX and his team will liaise directly with you to design a show that is on brand and hard hitting in the most dynamic and exciting way possible.


MAGIC can be an incredible way to create dynamic and engaging content on all social and digital media platforms for your company and brand.

MADDOX has worked on many different advertising, product launch and company initiative campaigns where he has created original Magic & bespoke Illusions for various  concept briefs or ideas.

If you have an exciting project where you want to have an innovative, edgy or curious twist to it's presentation - MADDOX and his creative team are a great resource for bringing these new projects and ideas to life. 

MADDOX is also available for speaking or
presentation engagements.


"Maddox is one of the most personable entertainers we've ever met. It was like having this mystery guest at our event walking around doing these impossible things, in the most relaxed and conversational way."

Jane Templeman - UBS Financial

Slick, Modern & Inspiring Magic. 

Check availability below for Close-Up, Stage, Live Show or Private Events 

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