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Music to Magic. 

An Incredible Journey // 2018

MADDOX DIXON has opened Stadiums & Arenas most recently for Coldplay during their 'Head Full of Dreams' tour across the USA. 

In the UK, he was featured on Britain’s Got Talent 2018 where his Rubik’s Cube routine featuring Amanda Holden, and an incredible Levitation with Declan Donnelly has generated millions of views on YouTube as well as standing ovations from the judges and audiences alike. 
MADDOX combines compelling story telling with misdirection and illusion that inevitably leave his audience connected to a moment, long after it has passed. 

Back in the beginning, MADDOX was a successful musical director in the pop music industry.
It was during his many years touring with pop stars that he learnt sleight of hand as a way of entertaining those around him.

During transatlantic flights and travel days, it was during the long hours, whilst most slept, that MADDOX perfected his dexterity and sleight of hand skills.

As time went on he found himself being asked to perform as much Magic as he was playing music and he decided to dedicate himself to the art entirely. 

Magic is an ever evolving form of entertainment, and as a result, it is an exciting and engaging way to create wonder in almost every normal situation. It also provides a common ground through which strangers and friends alike connect, ultimately allowing MADDOX to leave people with a memorable and positive experience wherever and whoever they are. 

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